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hEN 15651 Sealant Testing (Notified Body No 2538)

hEN 15651 Sealant Testing (Notified Body No 2538)

4ward Testing is pleased to announce a complete range of testing as a notified testing laboratory (NB No 2538) providing comprehensive coverage of the hEN 15651- 1-4:2012 standards for sealants involved in non-structural use in joints in buildings and pedestrian walkways. With over 60 years of testing experience across a broad range of construction and manufacturing marketplaces 4ward Testing is uniquely positioned to be your testing partner for this exciting new legislation. 4ward Testing have partnered with BASA (British Adhesives and Sealants Association) to ensure we work together for the benefit of its members, to address the business critical issues related to these new harmonised standards. This forum provides 4ward Testing the opportunity to share knowledge with others ensuring we can assist your business with accurate and informative feedback throughout the testing processes. 4ward Testing’s wide range of experience has allowed us to becoming accredited as the first UK notified testing laboratory for hEN 15651 sealant testing therefore allowing our business to become the complete solution for your CE marking needs.

With the 1st July 2014 deadline set for manufacturers to complete the CE Marking of products to meet the hEN 15651 products it has become vital for businesses to submit their products for testing. The shortest project time for comprehensive testing stands at 3 months, add in projected lead times and then the conformity assessment process and it is easy to see why it is vital to commence testing as early as possible. Without the CE marking on your products your business will be unable to compete in an industry with an estimated European value of £8.5 billion in 2014.

4ward Testing provides extensive in-house testing environments that have been continually maintained, tested and enhanced to the highest levels standing alongside industry standard names such as Q-Lab and Instron. This laboratory environment, technical expertise, combined with our customer communication focus throughout our testing projects, has provided our clients with the ideal testing model for over 4 decades allowing your business to focus on increasing revenue streams.

Our laboratory is accredited by UKAS (0307) and approved as a notified testing laboratory (NB 2538) to carry out sealant testing to the hEN 15651 called standards displayed on the right.

Once your product carries the CE mark you are able to confidently market and sell your products to a wide range of international marketplaces without any further testing. In the few cases where your products need to be tested to new standards you can work with 4ward Testing to ensure that your tests are performed to the highest defined standard therefore more effectively managing your costs for insertion into a new market. With an estimated global market of £29 billion in 2014 your initial investment will ensure your product can compete within this exciting and rapidly growing international market.

Contacting 4ward Testing today will provide your business with the best competitive advantage for your products allowing a reduction in production timescales providing your business with lower costs and, therefore, increased profitability.

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  • Our Adaptable Laboratory specialises in Bespoke Testing and has over 50 years of experience in designing and building custom test rigs and tailor made test programmes.
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