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Market Leading Testing Solutions

4ward Testing has a rich history of providing its customers with ongoing support throughout their testing & development projects and in implementing long-term product quality support.  We have a long list of renowned customers from our key markets, working on a continual basis to ensure that their solutions provide the perfect balance between optimum usability and profitability.

The 4ward Testing deliverables are focused on both the technical results and the commercial implications, offering customers a unique advantage in the competitive testing arena.  The traditional testing business provided reams of data for customer interpretation, whilst the modern testing solution starts with the product, a set of standards, together with a full understanding of customer requirements and ends with a feature-rich, commercially focussed report, providing everything the demanding modern consumer needs to know to make that key decision.

After discussing our customers’ key objectives for their testing, we agree usable and realistic timescales for the project and establish agreed thresholds that require specific attention.  4ward Testing's "Intelligent Testing" ensure that if these thresholds are not met, 4ward Testing immediately contacts the customer to discuss the implications and establish the best method for moving forward to achieve agreed goals.  This "action"Intelligent Testing" ensures that our customers’ projects are cost and time effective, allowing greater control over forecasting and realistic expectations being delivered to internal and external shareholders.

Our unique deliverables provide a number of focuses for the business, allowing the technical and commercial teams to communicate effectively. This ensures our customers’ offerings are delivered in a timely manner with accurate technical information, empowering both sales and support staff in their efforts to ensure clear communication with their customer base.

All of our customers can have the option of including their own page on the 4ward Testing website providing:

  • Company, subsidiary or project description with link to customer website
  • Commercially focussed summary of testing for each product with link to customer product page
  • Complete online reference for all standards each product has been tested to
  • The opportunity to co-author insightful industry news with 4ward Testing for co-promotion through a wide range of industry focussed publications

This platform builds a strong set of reciprocal links to support both companies’ commercial activities allowing customers access to a broad dataset and keyword rich project summaries to provide powerful SEO for the tested product.

This unique concept provides a flexible manner in which to show your business’ commitment to ongoing excellence, safety and quality, providing your end users with another reason to commit to your business.

4ward Testing your business.

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